Remodeling Boiler shelfs for Calodar

Thanks to our experience in DYI, Thau was asked by Calodar to remodel their Boiler section in 11 Plant-it stores and make this section sales ready for 2014.


Remodeling Van Marcke

Thanks to our experience in DYI, Van Marcke and Thau teamed up to remodel the Bathroom Accessories section of 82 Gamma Stores. With 8 teams this job was succesfully finished in 20 days.


Remodeling Bathroom Section GAMMA

Because we are a prefered Merchandising Agency for Gamma, Bruynzeel asked us to remodel the bathroom section of 80 Gamma stores in Belgium. With only 5 teams we succesfully finished this technical job in only 20 days.


Xyladecor/Polyfilla Merchandising Routing

As a prefered supplier for Akzo Nobel, Thau implemented 8 merchandising teams to visit 385 shops of Mr. Bricolage, Dema and independents to replace promotional materials, reorganize shelfs and implement new products for the brands Xyladecor and Polyfilla. All teams were equipped with tablets, giving access to Thau’s reporting app, allowing sales and marketing of […]


NSN European Product Roadshow

Thau has worked with NSN, a leading telecom supplier, since 2007 providing Product Roadshows across Europe. On behalf of NSN, Thau manage the production, set up and logistics of most of their European Roadshows, whether they are organized on public places, exhibition halls or on customer premises. All projects are under the direct supervision of […]


Canon Instore Demonstrations

For more then 7 years now, Canon & Thau are partners in supporting the sales of digital camera’s. Today, a team of more then 35 well-trained and motivated Canon demonstrators is working every weekend as brand ambassadors in shops and on events. Over the years, we gave product advice to thousands of end-users and shop […]